29 June 2009

2PM is known for their time puns and their sometimes lame associations with time. They were known for their watches that they wore during their 'Again and Again' promotions. A lot of people asked me if I knew about purchasing the watches waaaay before I even had this blog.

Finally, I have the answer.

The watches are by O.D.M. You can purchase the watches here. The prices are higher than a kite. Ranging from $120.00 -$255.00.

Happy Shopping!


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People have been going nuts over the last 2Ne1 'Fire' performance. They changed it up a lil and it made the performance a lot better.

You can watch it here.

Someone made GIfs of the Highlights of the show and I'll share them with you:

Did you stop drooling? Okay, back to the reason why I posted this:

CL was rocking some awesomely awesome tights (I'm 100% sure you tooooook a real good look at them :D) They looked familar and I remembered that they are from Topshop. Like I said in a previous entry'2NE1 loves TopShop.''

The High Waisted Wetlook Legging cost $40.00 and you can purchase them here

Happy Shopping


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28 June 2009

Colonize is a name brand that has gotten a lot of beef .

The name brand was accused of ripping off of WRONGWROKS.( which is totally true). Then WRONGWROKS totally copied Colonize's print and said it was theirs...Confused? Click here and here. To tell the difference between the two is : Colonize has the character running to the left and WRONGWROKS has the character running to the right.

No one seems to care because Korean Stars are always rocking Colonize.

Some of these stars consist of


Big Bang :

Our precious Jan Di from Boys over flowers:

The list goes on and on ,but when I researched about where you can buy colonize everything leaded up to Ebay. : T not so cool.
WRONGWROKS has their own site and sells the same exact products practically just the mirrored version. Honestly WRONGWROKS copied most of their stuff too. From their Sponge Bob Comme des Garcons hearts,Mickey Mouse gloves,Disney font and even Marc Jacobs. So pretty much both name brands are cheats. D:

To shop
WRONGWROKS click here
To shop Colonize search it on Ebay

Prices go from $45.00-$200.00

(This post gave me a headache phewwww)
Happy Shopping!

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27 June 2009

The passing of Michael Jackson has affected many. You may be wondering why I'm posting this on a Kpop fashion blog, and the reason is the simple fact that he inspired all these artists. I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Without Michael we wouldn't have hits like 'With U' by Big Bang ,crotch grabbing & pelvic thrusting from Super Junior M, Leg flicks for Snsd's 'Tell me your wish', performances dedicated to Mj form groups like 2NE1 and special MJ performances by groups like 2PM & Snsd. The list goes on and on , but I think you get the just of it.


Michael rest in Peace

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26 June 2009

So I was watching 2NE1's first Live Radio performance @ MBC Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night Radio Show again ...because I thought it was good. Anyway, I recognized Dara's High waisted skinnies. They are called V-Fit Hi-Wasited Skinny Jeans by Cheap Monday. The wash of the jeans is in Tacky Blue. : D

You can buy them here for $49.99 ( The original price was $70.00)

Picture credit to http://ygnxgeneration.wordpress.com also you can watch the videos there.

Happy Shopping!

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25 June 2009

Ever wanted to know where 2ne1 got their headphones from?
You know the ones they wore in the space version of Fire music video.
Well K-Style has it here.

The Head phones are called Beats and they are by Dr.Dre.

For more info about these bad boys you can read about it on the official site.
If you are loaded with DOUGH you can purchase them here for a crazy *** price of $299.95.( they only come in black on the site)

Happy shopping!


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24 June 2009

Even though the Wonder Girls were taking BBQ Chicken CF pics in Korea , they had a second to take pictures endorsing Fitflops(American Product). These shoes are not what you can call style...but hey Wonder Girls rocked them and they made them look good.

SunMi (Sun)

YeEun (Yenny)
SunMi(Mimi)So Hee
The Flip flops cost around $50.00. if you want to buy them go to the site and type your zipcode to find out the nearest place to buy tbem.
Happy Shopping!

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